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  • We offer virus and spyware protection through a variety of options. We can often remotely remove infections on your system quickly without the need of you even being at your computer during the entire process. Our expertise covers many of the most popular protection products like. Symantec's Norton, McAfee, and AVG. 

We offer installation and configuration of software from off the shelf products to custom software integration with your computing environment. Troubleshooting of software conflicts can be done efficiently on site or remotely in many cases.


Remote Help


Daryl Posner of Posner Electronics has been an absolute godsend to SMC Associates, Inc. Having worked with several computer specialists, none were found to be as efficient, knowledgeable, available, pleasant and reliable.

Problems getting internet access or email.

A Turn everything off, computer, Cable/DSL modem, and router/firewall.
B Turn on the Cable/DSL modem first, wait 30 seconds, then turn on the router/firewall.
C After 30 seconds turn on the computers.

Be aware of hoaxes on the web.  There are many ways you can be affected from phishing emails to false warnings. Use the following web sites to check the facts before you forward emails to others.


Urban Legends


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